What’s going on?

If you’re wondering what’s happening around here, I can tell you that it’s mainly about three things right now:

  • New WordPress theme

I’ve learned a lot about WordPress and about developing themes and plugins for WordPress lately, so I’m planning on changing the theme on my main page, http://www.zomis.net, to my own theme, which in my eyes looks a lot better than this (then again, I’m no design expert…)

The Minesweeper Flags Extreme server is basically a script written in PHP. Currently it’s a lot of ugly code that’s hard to build any new features into. I’ve come a long way with rewriting this already but there’s still work to be done. As a player, you won’t be able to tell much difference but the difference is very important for me as a programmer.

  • Translating 6000 lines of code from C# to Java

I’ve received permission by a guy named Mario to use his code of a good Minesweeper Flags AI. The code is written in C# but I need to translate it to Java. Now, there’s quite a difference between Java and C# apparently – mainly the use of a “Nullable” class and operator overloading (which both exists in C# but not in Java) – so this will basically take some time :)

Besides these three things, there’s a lot of other stuff on my mind as well. I don’t make much money from the three things above though, if I would have done that then I could spend a lot more time doing what I really like to do.

Best greetings and have a nice day!

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2 Responses to What’s going on?

  1. Xander says:

    Challenge mode is fcked up atm :( i rlly love playing challenge mode but now it doesnt work properly anymore … it started failing since you started working on AI_Nightmare … it worked fine before can you pleaseeee reset the settings on challenge mode i rlly miss playing it … Much Thanks in advance!!! btw AWESOME that you created an online website with minesweeperflags!! Greetings Xander

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