Minesweeper Flags API !

Good news for all you other developers out there, and for all Minesweeper Flags players.

With the new Minesweeper Flags server (which has actually been rewritten one more time since my last post), it is now written in Java. And with Java comes the possibility of external class loading and reloading! What this basically means is that, given some .jar files which we can call “plugins”, many features of the server is now possible to add, change and remove by using plugins.

For using this plugin system, I have developed a Minesweeper API which is available to use for everybody that wants to help develop Minesweeper Flags. To make sure that all plugins live up to the standard (not doing anything it shouldn’t with the server), all homemade plugins has to be sent and approved by me.

The Minesweeper Flags possibilities suddenly became sooooo much bigger!

The API jar can be downloaded here: http://mfe.zomis.net/api/MfeAPI.jar

The javadoc for the API can be seen here: http://mfe.zomis.net/javadoc

A good base-plugin Eclipse project can be downloaded from http://mfe.zomis.net/api/exampleplugin.zip

I would love feedback about this new system! And looking forward to plugin contributions.

Also you can make a good old contribution in the form of a donation, which would be greatly appreciated.

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