Minesweeper Flags Extreme

Minesweeper Flags Extreme is a Flash game for playing Minesweeper in Multiplayer-mode! That is, the objective is to find more mines than your opponent.

You can play against other human players both online and locally, or against any of the AIs that’s included in the game.

Click here to play Minesweeper Flags Extreme!


Features included in Minesweeper Flags Extreme:

  • Online Multiplayer support! Log on to Minesweeper Flags Extreme Multiplayer!
  • Play against eight different computer opponents, ranging from “Loser” to “Nightmare” (only available in ‘Multiplayer’).
  • The “Nightmare” AI in the multiplayer section of Minesweeper Flags Extreme is one of the most difficult Minesweeper Flags AIs in the world!
  • Automatic “Expander Rule” resets the game if an open field is found before any player has found a mine, to prevent unlucky starts of a game.
  • Two different graphic skins. Both the old “classic” graphics, and a newer graphic set
  • Two people can play on the same computer in a hot-seat game
  • Watch Replays, take a look at your – or other people’s – recently played games after they’ve been finished. Learn from mistakes,
    and learn from the mistakes of others.
  • Multiplayer Games can be interrupted and continued at a later time, but will be automatically ended if there has been no activity for three days
  • Observe other people playing in real-time
  • Play Special Games in Multiplayer, with a different map or different weapons, or even different “neighbor-sets” (which can make it really complex!)
  • Editor which allows you to
    • Analyze a map to find out mine-probabilities for all fields.
    • Play a game with unlimited supply of new weapons like Laser and Sniper.
    • Play around with the new “Blocked” field feature! Allowing many more fun mixes of Minesweeper.

Click here to play Minesweeper Flags Extreme!

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  2. Jonah says:

    thank you so much for this amazing website.

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